We set up targeted educational projects to help people sense the invisible, the immaterial, and become aware of creative freedom, and the potential ambiguity of images.

The poetic content and the work of the artists in the Microcollection lend themselves to study, and can be proposed not only by directly observing their fragments, but also in the stories, memories and suggestions they evoke in the collective imagination.

Conferences, lessons and publications travel alongside what we call Cabinets de Regard (virtually “observation chambers”), where the collection of slides can be viewed.

The work of art thus sets in motion a process that changes the way we look at the “art system”, so we start to take a much broader view of the fragmented and changing reality that surrounds us every day.


20 March 2019

Liceo Artistico Candiani
Busto Arsizio


15 June 2018

Microcollection is invited to hold a workshop at ENDA ( Ecole nationale d’art de Paris)
Paris, France


17 September 2016

49° edition Premio Suzzara
collaboration with the teacher Loredana Mantovani and the students of class 2BS, Istituto Manzoni
Suzzara, Italy


6-12 July 2015

Le mie mani e i miei occhi creano
workshop curated by Laure Keyrouz
Villa della Zonca
Arcade, TV


2 March 2014

Metti in circolo il pittore
Guided tours to the Art Sowing: Nature, 2014:
Albero di 3 metri, 1986-89, Giuseppe Penone
Albero di 7 metri, 1980-82, Giuseppe Penone
Angurie, 1984, Piero Gilardi
The Garden, 1991-92, Paul McCarthy
Albero del Paradiso, 1972, Gino Marotta
Hidden Garden, 2009, Antonio O’Connell
the guides: Mattia Capelletti and Annamaria Guidi

Villa Gonzaga Gardens
Olgiate Olona, Italy

photo dossier


12 January 2013

Cabinet de regard: Lucio Fontana, 2013
Spazio Pachiderma
Brescia, Italy

guided tours conducted by Valentina Andreatta and Matteo Facchini, students at Laba,
Libera Accademia di Belle Arti di Brescia
photo dossier


19 May 2012

Guided tours to 31 March Art Sowing :
Tree of 3 metres, 198 -89, Giuseppe Penone
Tree of 7 metres, 1980-82, Giuseppe Penone
Watermelons, 1984, Piero Gilardi
The Garden, 1991-92, Paul McCarthy
Paradise Tree, 1972, Gino Marotta
Hidden Garden, 2009, Antonio O’Connell

Giardini Estensi
Varese, Italy

Guided tours conducted by 6 students of Liceo Artistico Frattini: N. Baggio, A. Biotti,G. Bossi, R. Di Berardino, G. Pozzi, R. Rossi

photo dossier


April / May 2011

Laboratorio creativo: Le intelligenze multiple e il barocco

Biblioteca Comunale
Buguggiate, VA, Italy


February / March 2012

Laboratorio creativo: Le intelligenze multiple e il mondo egizio

Istituto Comprensivo C. Carminati
Plesso Dante, class IV B
teachers Fabiana Ginesi and Barbara Gnan
Lonate Pozzolo, Italy