Support the museum

Since Microcollection Museum  opened, its collection has been greatly enriched thanks to the generosity of benefactors and individual sponsors: several artists and collectors have donated micro-fragments of contemporary art works, while fond supporters have actively contributed to the development of the Museum.

In becoming a benefactor, you join a long tradition of arts sponsorship which began with the Italian princes of the Renaissance. You enable it to meet today’s challenges by giving it the means to be a living museum: modern, well informed and open to the world.

Your generosity will play an active role in the future sustainable development of the organization.

Every contribution, however modest, allows you to demonstrate your involvement with the Museum by providing the means to fulfill  its aims of diffusing cultural achievement to the widest possible audience.

Make a micro-gift

Several forms of gift are available to contribute to the development and expansion of the museum:

  • micro-gift of money
  • micro-bequest of  micro-fragments of contemporary art works
  • simple donation, or donation with a life interest

To make a donation, you can contact

Thanks to our partners

Microcollection warmly thanks all its sponsors for their valuable commitment and their enthusiasm, through which numerous projects have been successfully completed.